SecuraFone – “Appsolutely the best you can do for your business and your employees”


  • Can lower liability insurance premiums for business
  • Can proactively protect your employees and save lives
  • Protect your most important assets
  • Keep your employees happier and healthier for longer
  • Reduce corporate risk
  • Improve business efficiencies


  • Improve lone worker safety
  • Improve mobile worker driving safety, protect the corporate family
  • Transform the mobile phone into a powerful, corporate safety solution
  • No need to purchase multiple apps or another piece of hardware
  • Easily integrates with monitoring, tracking and emergency platforms

      1. Reduce insurance premiums
      2. Decrease number of liability claims
      3. Protect mobile employees
      4. Protect lone workers
      5. Manage costs
      6. Drive efficiencies


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