Compare SecuraFone
GPS Tracking and Monitoring & Emergency Response





Runs in the background and can auto-start

Personal, secure tracking dashboard accessible from anywhere

Unlimited tracking, monitoring and alerting

Track securely from any computer or phone with a browser

Receive address, speed, and heading in alerts

90 days of history showing breadcrumb trail on satellite map

See battery level and signal strength information on dashboard

View current and historical locations with satellite or hybrid maps

Sends SecuraFence, speed alerts, low battery alerts

No contracts, commitments or cancellation fees

Notify unlimited contacts in an emergency by email and/or text

Setup unlimited number of SecuraFences (safety zones)

Variable location reporting based on motion status of the phone

Setup emergency call number online

Covert emergency calling with SOS button/slide

Tracking reports with street addresses and alert history

Employee enterprise portal integration with business systems


Distracted Driver Prevention





Disable email and text functionality of mobile phone when moving

Can force use of speaker phone or blue tooth when moving

Default speed limit for disabling of features


User can set speed limit to enable distracted driver features

User can request a temporary disabling of features by main account owner (e.g., riding a bus or train or commuting with another driver) when in passenger mode

Send an alert to contacts when email and text features are in use while exceeding set speed limit (5 MPH is default)

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